Bipolar Electronic Co., Ltd.

Bipolar Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990. Based on Ni-Zn series ferrite core, we specialize in making all kinds of ferrite core and sell to the manufactures of coils and transformers in the area of Europe and Asia.

Bipolar Electronic Co., Ltd., professional manufacturer of Ferrite Core and Inductor

Bipolar Electronic Co., Ltd. high-quality materials allow our customers to successfully complete their production when using our products; more than 20 materials can provide different requirements from 1KHz to 1GHz. Looking forward to the future, we will continue to work hard to enhance our strength and hope to become a competitive company and provide consumers with more efficient and high-quality services.

Welcome to consult the customized products, we will provide you with the most satisfactory service quality!

Main Products: Ferrite Core、Inductor & Ferrite Filters, etc.