Bipolar Electronic Co., Ltd.

Bipolar Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990. Based on Ni-Zn series ferrite core, we specialize in making all kinds of ferrite core and sell to the manufactures of coils and transformers in the area of Europe and Asia.

Toroid Cores, Ferrite Cores

Our products have always been known for quality, reliability and solid performance, making Bipolar Electronic Co., Ltd. becomes the most specified brand in the Toroid Cores business. We can promise that whatever your problem is, we will find a way to solve it to your satisfaction.
Ferrite Cores

Ferrite Cores

Toroid Cores

Our company provides Toroids Core and Ferrite Core with excellent quality and competitive price. Our company’s aim is to attain customer's loyalty and growth through high quality and business excellence.

Toroidal Cores
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Bipolar Electronic Co., Ltd. has changed a lot in industrial and domestic requirements and has adapted to fulfill the needs of every client. Thank you for the opportunity to fulfill your Ferrite Cores, Toroid Cores, Ferrite Ring-shape Cores, Toroidal Core, Toroid Core, Ferrite Cores for Telecommunication and Ferrite Core, Inductor, Bobbin Core supply needs. We appreciate your business!