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Bipolar Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990. Based on Ni-Zn series ferrite core, we specialize in making all kinds of ferrite core and sell to the manufactures of coils and transformers in the area of Europe and Asia.

To offer customers convenience in purchasing and to meet the demand of the market in 1993, Bipolar Electronic Co., Ltd. made an transfer investment in Taiwan by joint venture with the local enterprise making Mn-Zn ferrite core and iron powder core and served as a representative agent as well.

In 1995, Business Department B was established, especially representative selling multilayer chip inductors and chip bead and axial fixed inductors, transformer and AC line filter.

With a closer cooperation between Production Department A and Business Department B. we provide our customers with easy access and best efficiency in purchasing and development.

In 2000, we build the Inductor Plant in China. The Inductor plant which belong to Business Department B, is specialty in producing EMI Line filter (Common mode ferrite choke), Transformer, Inductor.