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  • Ferrite Core
  • Inductor & Ferrite Filters
  • Ferrite Core Material

Ferrite Core
We manufacture variety of high performance and high quality of ferrite cores including bobbin core, toroids core, coil core, balun core, drum core…etc. We have over 20 years production experience team, providing standardized and customized products production mode. For the needs of different types of end products, we can provide an appropriate solution and meet customer needs is our operational purpose.

Inductor & Ferrite Filters
We manufacture variety of inductor, ferrite filter, bead, choke, common mode choke, power choke, chip bead, EMI filter, EMI bead, EMI core, AC line filter and DC line filter to meet customer's demand. Combine with resources in magnetic material field in order to provide customers with convenient, high quality and customized products is our main goal.

Ferrite Core Material
We provide high quality raw materials for customers to use including Mn-Zn, Ni-Zn and Iron Powder . Customers can use our products to complete production successfully. Over 20 kinds of materials that we can provide different needs for 1KHz-1GHz.