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It is mainly used in electrical circuits to solve electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) problems. It is a common soft magnetic material.
The advantages are high magnetic permeability, high resistance and low eddy current loss over a wide frequency range.
The coil is winding around the core to form an inductor or a transformer.
The inductor is a circuit component that generates an electromotive force due to a change in current passing through it, thereby resisting a change in current.
Inductors are widely used in instrumentation, communication equipment and household appliances.
Ni-Zn material, which has a higher resistivity than Mn-Zn, is more suitable for applications in over 1 MHz band.
Please see Nickel-Zinc ferrites for industrial and Professional for details.
Mn-Zn material, which has higher magnetic permeability and saturation induction than nickel-zinc ferrites.
Please seeMaterial Characteristics Mn-Zinc for details.
μi is the initial permeability of the material, which is the inherent characteristic of the material. Each material has a μi value.

AL is the single-turn inductor value of the ferrite core. Unit symbol (nH / N ^ 2)
The AL value can be calculated by the formula.

L=inductance N= number of turns
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